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Sterling Pickling Works

     Your Great-Great-Grandfather, Maurice Jenne Heerlein "MJ" and your Great-Grandfather, Charles Maurice Heerlein "Charley" on Ma's side; owned "Sterling Pickling Works" in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Your Great Grandma, Philomena Agnes Bernstine-Heerlein told us that MJ came to the United States from Germany with the Heinz brothers.  They all worked together making pickles, vinegar and sauerkraut.  When MJ moved his family to Missouri, he used the exact same recipes and opened his own factory in St. Joseph, Missouri.  I've seen those books of recipes.  Some are even in German.  Last I saw them was at Aunt Carol's in 2012.  There were several books in a box.  It's doubtful we'll ever get copies.

     Charley's brother, Clarence also worked for Sterling Pickling Works as did Clarence's son, Clarence, Jr.

     Here are some pictures that your Grandma had.  Your Aunt Nonnie has the originals.  Just having the old original pictures didn't really tell the story, reflect errors, provide locations, names of people in the photo, etc.  So I married these old pictures with new technology to create enhanced rich photos.  Each photo has been cleaned up to provide the best quality in our digital world.

     MJ's name is pronounced "môr-eece"  "jen-A".  Both his death certificate and published obituary have his middle name incorrect.  They have it incorrectly as "James".  It is actually, "Jenne".  Aunt Carol's middle name is after MJ's, but in the female version Carol Jeanne Heerlein-Coats.  He died in 1934 when technology wasn't anywhere near as good as it is today and mistakes weren't corrected.
  This picture is actually on their Wedding Day.
Grandma Heerlein, worked in the office & did the accounting.

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